At Kilcollins Cremation Service it is our mission to help guide families through one of life’s most difficult times with dignity and reverence but always in a manner that is suited to their needs.

Traditionally, in our community, upon the death of a loved one, family and friends would often gather with the remains present for two or three days and then hold a formal church service followed by burial in a family plot. Times have changed and funeral practices have evolved with them. Today many families are choosing immediate cremation allowing them a greater range of options around when, where and how they will memorialize their loved one. With cremation there is no longer the urgency to make rushed plans at a time of sorrow and stress. Instead there is greater flexibility to accommodate travel plans, event planning and, often, much needed rest. While traditional burial is still and option you may also choose an urn for the mantle or simply scatter the ashes to the wind at a time and place that are meaningful and appropriate. 

In addition, many of us are placing greater emphasis on celebrating the life of the deceased. Many clubs, fraternities and other organizations are opening their facilities to host events that honour past members and create meaningful experiences for family and friends who gather to share memories and take comfort in fellowship in an atmosphere that is often more familiar and comfortable for the family.

Whatever choices are right for you and your family, we are here with the knowledge and experience to help you explore all your options, and guide you step by step through a process that leads to sound, informed decisions without any pressure.

Whether you are seeking information or advice on arrangements now or for the future we are here to help. We welcome your questions anytime. 

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