People prefer to avoid the topic of planning their own funeral, leaving it for others to take care of or leaving it for “another day”, however, pre-planning and/or pre-paying your funeral expenses is one of the most thoughtful things that you could ever do for your loved ones.

By doing this, it eliminates any questions of what type of service that you might want and removes a huge burden from the ones that are left to make the decisions. Services can be tailor-made to suit each individual.

A funeral home can fill out an information file for you. There is no charge for this service and all the information will be documented and is available to your family if something untimely was to happen. This is not a binding agreement and can be changed, altered or cancelled at any time.

If you choose to pre-pay your funeral expenses it eliminates the financial burden that is associated with your arrangements. The advantage of prepaying is that you secure the costs of your funeral based on the rates when the contract is signed rather than on the rates when you pass away. In other words it protects you and your family from future inflation and provides you with peace of mind. You can prepay your funeral through funeral insurance in either a lump sum payment or over time with no interest or carrying charges.

Our society, particularly in Manitoba, is one of careful buying. Take the time to resource it and make your own arrangements, so that everything is done to your specifications. Careful preplanning and being informed of all the options and choices available makes for wise decisions, eliminating the burden to be placed on others.

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