Moira Hunter

Obituary of Moira Elizabeth Hunter

Moira Hunter June 26, 1930 – September 30, 2020 Moira Elizabeth Stewart Henderson Hunter - affectionately known as MESH by our Dad. Strong and feisty; loved life, a good party, bridge and family traditions; family meant everything to her – that was our Mum. Mum always said she was a traveller. It started early - born in Marromeu, East Africa to Jenny and Tom Henderson, she moved with the family to Scotland at a young age. Frail as a child due to having celiac, not diagnosed until much later, Moira and Anne, her sister and very best friend, spent summers in Millport making the wishing well and the crocodile rock family traditions. Moira married Jim, the love of her life, in 1952 and in 1965 they left everything in Scotland and moved to Canada with their three girls, Susanne, Jennifer and Caroline, first settling in Toronto then moving to Winnipeg. While she was most happy being a Mum, Moira was not afraid to take on any job – from selling socks with her good friend Ev, to being a medical secretary (and providing old Scottish remedies to patients, much to Jennifer’s chagrin). Moira’s friendships straddled distance and decades. She maintained life-long friendships in Scotland and across Canada through good old-fashioned letter writing – weekly to family in Scotland and in long Christmas letters to friends. Later she adapted to email, sending risqué jokes to her niece and nephews in the UK. Life was never dull with Moira and her ‘Stitch and Bitch’ friends, whether dressing up in finery for garden parties, decorating gold toilets for anniversary gifts or crawling under dining room tables with Ev and the grandchildren! Moira maintained she was fey (psychic) and read teacups. She was a very convincing fortune teller! She was also spiritual and had an inner faith. Moira often maintained that she’d come back in her next life as a great singer, a talent she wished she had in this life. “Que sera, sera” was her favourite song and saying – words she lived by it. Moira was a feminist, ahead of her time – she was determined her girls would go to university, have careers and be independent. She had high expectations and encouraged us to be our best selves – she made us what we are today. Family was important to Mum and she loved Bill, Joanne and her ‘4th daughter’ Debbie as her own. A big supporter of all of our activities when we were growing up, this continued with her precious grandchildren Reagan, Sean and Andrew, seldom missing a highland dance competition or a hockey game. She loved to be part of their lives, welcomed Jillian to our family, and would have dearly loved to cheer on the next generation, her great-grandchildren Emma and Nash. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights or the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation would be gratefully appreciated.
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